Company's Policies

Supply to the Market Unique Products with Originality and Creativity. Speedy actions in Response to the Requirements from Our Customers.

Our slogan , "Bravely Facing Challenges", is displayed in each of our sales offices.

Since the foundation of our company, originality has been emphasized in developing products one after another, not sticking to stereotypes in the past.

It is precisely our brave, continuous challenge and our original management strategy that enabled the rapid growth of our company.

What makes our company special is our capability in planning and developing new products. We always keep listening to our customers in the making of our goods, aiming at making goods that are really needed by our customers, not those available anywhere.

Among all the goods from our company, it is not too much to say that the kitchen and living wares cover almost everything of its kind, meanwhile we also give full consideration in coordinating the goods for best harmonization.

Above all we give top priority to commercialize our customers' voice into the merchandise which are developed rapidly by us.

In our company, prompt action is always required in all aspects including planning, developing, manufacturing and distributing. We always work hard in responding to the customers' expectation.

Company's Policies