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Rapid Growth Upon Managing Strategies Beyond the Common Sense of A Local Enterprise. Active and Brave Challenge Leading to Further Leap Forward.

代表取締役会長 高波 久雄

We consider our pioneering spirit and originality as our business foundation. New products developed from our original point of views are constantly supplied to supermarkets, department stores and DIY stores all over Japan.

The goods are manufactured primarily at Ojima Factory of Pearl Industry Co., Ltd, among others in Japan. At the same time we also have many manufacturers in foreign countries, most of them being in China, as our cooperating factories.

Furthermore, highly efficient distribution systems supported by the 3 automated warehouse called Super Hub Distribution Stations, together with our efforts on development of new products and strengthening of marketing, delivery of goods from our huge warehouse with a broader area coverage, all there factors demonstrate why our company's sales keep growing steadily despite of the the severe economic conditions in Japan.

In the future, we will not only continue expanding our business in Japan but will also develop markets in China which has such a huge potential with a population of over 1,300 million.

To ensure that our company will be cherished in our customers' mind like a PEARL, each and every staff members in our company will continue to make our utmost effort in polishing our PEARL so that it will become brighter with each day passing by.

August 2011
Hisao Takanami
Pearl Metal Co.,Ltd.