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May,1967 Pearl Metal Co., Ltd. founded in Nishiyokkamachi, Sanjo-city with the capital of JPY 3 million.
April,1972 Construction of the new company building in Gomyo, Sanjo-city completed
April,1977 Construction of the new 5-storey Head Office Building completed
Jan.1979 Pearl Trading Co., Ltd founded
Feb.1982 Exhibit at the international fair in Koln, West Germany as the first、
independent participant from Japanese industry lines .
Oct.1990 As an enlargement of the producting section and seventh distribution station in Ojima industrial park, construction of 13,200m² warehouse and factory completed
May, 1991 Pearl Industry Co.,Ltd founded.
Oct.1993 The eighth distribution station at the Head Office built, 26,400m² warehouse completed.
Jan.1994 Granted with the national-recognized prize from the the Medium and Small Business Research Institute
Mar.1994 Granted with the Niigata Prefecture Economy Promotion Prize
Mar.1995 Outdoor specialized shop 「WEST」 Niigata store opened
Oct.1995 Honored as SG mark specification promotion contributor by the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Dec.1995 Internet provider business started
Apr.1997 Construction of the First Super Hub Distribution Station completed (Building A and B) Approx. 62,700m² and automatic warehouse 7,000 palettes
Jun.1998 Outdoor specialized shop 「WEST」 Sanjo store opened
Sept.2001 Construction of the Second Super Hub Distribution Station completed (Building C), Approx. 46,200m² and automatic warehouse 10,000 palettes

Construction of the Third Super Hub Distribution Station completed (Building D), Approx. 23,100m² and automatic warehouse 5,500 palettes

Jun. 2011 Outdoor specialized shop 「WEST」 Joetsu store opened
May.2012 Construction of new Tokyo Branch 8-storey Building completed. Approx. 3,300m²
May.2012 Captain Stag Co., Ltd. founded
May.2015 Fifth Super Hub Distribution station completed. Approx. 40,000m² and automatic warehouse 12,000 palettes
Jan.2016 NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN LTD. NEWSPAPER 100th Anniversary Memorial Award