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Smooth Coordination between Our Sales Department and Planning/Design Divisions Yielding About 2,000 Original Items Each Year from Our Company.

年間2,000アイテムものオリジナル製品を企画・開発About 2,000 kinds of our new items are brought into the markets every year. What makes it possible is the customers’ voice and our strength in design and development which reflects the feed-back from our customers.
Our marketing networks spread over the whole country and the Project Development Office works in close coordination with the Sales team.
Furthermore, the Project Development Office, Project Design Office and the Quality Control Office function as a complete line structured for quick action to respond to business information gathered by our marketing staff, reflect it in developing new items and bring them to productization quickly and promptly. This is just where the company’s strength lies.


Sales Department

The strongest point of this unit is the catching of every piece of information and the swift action. This unit is responsible to summarize all information which our branches in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya along with business offices in Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Hokuriku Areas, Saitama, Hiroshima and Takamatsu gathered from the market. Such voices from our marketing staff is then relayed to the Project Planning Development Room as hints in the valuation of developing new products.

Project Development Department

This unit consists of staff members who have experience in working with the market. By making the best use of their abundant experience, they treat the information conveyed to themselves from the marketing staff as spot light of inspiration in selecting the new products for the next stage and preparing new plans which meet the customers need. Besides they are also responsible for making sample goods for exhibition, planning and executing various events as well as sales promotion activities. They also make Product Catalogue twice a year.

Quality Control Office

No matter how splendid the products would be, occurance of quality problems, even at the very moment when they are launched into the market, would simply result in fatal damage to the customers' trust on us. The Quality Control Office works hard in various test and experiment with our products to prevent thoroughly quality issues occurring to our accomplished products. They are also responsible for giving appropriate advice to our customers in case of need.

Planning Design Room

We consider package design same as the "face" of the product. Good designs promote the sales while bad ones demote them. They make and design packages, paperboard and promotional tools such as POP and advertisement, To show the product characteristics and also to appeal the difference from our competitors, the staff members pour their creativity into their designing works.

Product Design Office

This unit is responsible to bring plans from the Project Development Room into visible shapes leading to the final products. Concepts, which have been well discussed and pondered there need the Product Design Office to decide the design and then create the image with CAD, with full consideration to the functions and usability. The progress also involves such as quality management, production cost and many other technical solutions before bringing the concepts to actual production.
Concept Work
Based on the market needs and information fed back from our customers, new product developing plans are made with consideration on such issues as usability, characteristics of materials and price determination etc.
Based on the concept and consideration to the functions and usability, staff of this section decide the materials, color and appearance on this stage. All of this will be shaped up with computer-aided-design into CG by the Design Section.
Discussion is thoroughly carried out to check whether the plans are appropriate. Approved plans are followed by mold making which marks the start of the whole production process.
Catalogue Publication
Finished products are put down in the catalogues for marketing promotion and sales. They are renewed twice in a year, the spring-summer version and autumn-winter version.